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  • 6U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet Switch

  • Model : 24G+2XG L3 Switch
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The switch is the new generation of multilayer switch, can meet the needs of enterprise customers for the design and implementation of uniform, high adaptability to the demand of the network. It has a high density of port distribution, providing 24 universal port ( 8 multiplexing port), 2*10 generic stack port. IT enterprises and large Business Companies at the present and the future network needs to provide a feasible and cost-effective solutions. Its rich features include the following aspects: senior service quality management, speed, access control lists, static routing and routing information protocol routing, open shortest path first, distributed redundant routing and distributed link integrated, VLAN-VPN stacked, based on the agreement of VLAN and DHCP services.



Øhardware supporting 2/3 layer linear rate of exchange, to be able to identify and deal with the data of the 4-7 layer flow control.

Øthe longest matching strategy based on routing, ensure equal bales forwarding forwarding performance. Can protect network by code red and worm attacks, ensure the safety equipment.

Øsupports 802.1x authentication protocol, can identify the identity of the user access network.

Øsupport center MAC address verification, through the port and the MAC address for network access control. And at the same time the 802.1x authentication and MAC address validation.

Øthrough any binding MAC, IP and port to support the unauthorized network access.

Øbased on source / destination MAC address, a source / destination IP address, and a port and protocol of 2-4 layer complex flow classification.

Øsupport flexible queue scheduling algorithm, can simultaneously in port and queue reference set. Support the strict priority strategy ( SP ), weight ( WRR ) and SP+WRR polling, as well as 8 priority queue.

Øsupport client access speed control, the size limit to 64Kbit/s exchange rate.

Øaggregation port synchronization queue scheduling, the characteristics for aggregation port group for each port is provided in the queue synchronization scheduling function.

Øsupport configuration protocol data packet priority, each packet having its own priority. Customers can use the QoS command to modify the protocol packet priority.

Øof simple network management protocol ( SNMP ) version of the 1/2/3, RMON V1, 1/2/3/9 group management information base ( MIB ), NMS conducted by management. These can be used for general network management platforms such as OpenView, QuidView network management system to manage.

Øsupports command line mode, network management based on Web, Modem dial-up and Telnet, make equipment management to be more convenient.

Øsupport SNMP agent logging, administrators can use SNMP remote web log management operation.

Software specification

Øinternal cache

² 8M

ØMAC address table

² 16K

Øaccess mode


Øtransfer mode

² Store and Forward

Ødata transmission speed

² 10/100/1000Mbps ( Half-duplex )

² 20/200/2000Mbps ( Full-duplex for copper port, 2000Mbps only for fiber port )

² 20000Mbps for CX4 stack ports


² IEEE 802.3 10Base-TX

² IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX

² IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T

² IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-LX/SX


² Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol ( RSTP )

² Virtual LAN ( VLAN )

² DHCP Relay

² IGMP Snooping

² Access Control Lists ( ACL )

² Static ARP

² MAC binding

² MAC address filtering

² MAC address learning manage


² MIB-( RFC 1213 )

² Bridge MIB ( RFC 1493 )

² RMON MIB ( RFC1757 )

² 802.1Q VLAN MIB ( RFC 2674 )

² IF ( Interface ) MIB ( RFC 2233 )

Hardware specifications


² 88F5181*1+98DX265*1+88E1240*4+88E1112*8+88E1111*1


² 64M/16M


24 10/100/1000 BASE-TX ports²

8 copper and SFP ports²

2 10000Mbps CX4 ports²

² RS-232 Console


² Power


² Link

² Speed

ØCabling Type

² UTP CAT3 or up for copper port

² Single-mode or Multi-mode fiber ( with SFP connect ) for fiber port

Ømanagement characteristics of Console management Web-based management²²² SNMP management, Supports SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 ²Telnet managementØupgrade WEB upgrade² Support² Support X-Modem upgrade

FCC Part 15

C660 6U Compact PCI Gigabit Ethernet Switch
C660 6U Compact PCI Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Expandable Managed Gigabit Ethernet 6U CompactPCI Switch

HSKK’s  is a high-performance 6U CompactPCI Gigabit Ethernet Switch for embedded and harsh environment applications. This is based on Marvell's Bobcat Gigabit Ethernet Switch Controller and MTS Management Suite. The simplified user web interface is an intuitive management tool, enabling convenient use of the switch's comprehensive feature set for a better-optimized network.

 mechanical and electrical design guarantees reliable operation over the full range of rugged application environments. It is available in industry standard conduction-cooled and air-cooled form factors.

  • Rugged/Military 6U CompactPCI Single-Slot Ethernet Switch
  • Compatible with PICMG 2.16
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 Management
  • 24 GbE Ports
  • Four Front Panel 10-GbE Ports Support SFP_ Modules (Air-Cooled Configurations)
  • Expandable to 40 total GbE Ports with M620 XMC
  • Full Wire-speed Non-blocking Forwarding
  • IP Routing Functionality
  • Advanced Spanning Tree Algorithms (RSTP, MSTP)
  • Access Control List (ACL) Support
  • QoS Management
  • IPv4/v6 Differentiated Services (DiffServ)/DSCP Traffic Prioritization
  • WEB and CLI Configuration and Monitoring
  • 802.1Q-based VLAN Support
  • Port-level Security via 802.1X Authentication
  • SNMP v1, v2c, v3
  • Supports OSPFv3 and PIM
  • 4/8/16 Group LAG Support with Protocol (LACP)
  • All types of Storm Control
  • Port Mirroring for Noninvasive Monitoring of Switch Traffic
  • Jumbo Frame Support (10 kB)
  • IPMI Support
  • Elapse Time Recorder
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions
  • Vibration and Shock Resistant
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