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 Beijing Huaxinkekong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises with advanced technology and high-end hardware design for the core competencies. Committed to industrial and defense areas of communications, long-term development of measurement and control technology, based on standardized and custom design, high performance, high reliability and scalability of the CompactPCI / ATCA, VME / VXS / the VPX, VXI , the PXI bus products provide industry-standard products and services directly to customers, to become the best partner.

      Willing to cooperate with domestic research institutes and universities, to jointly develop a reliable, innovative and stable communication class products and services, common services and the construction of China's telecommunications.
      Beijing Huaxinkekong Technology Co., Ltd. according to user needs to develop communications and signal processing equipment, the company has developed customized a series of CPCI platform products, including: 5, 8, 12, 24 Gigabit Ethernet switching module, the shared storage control module, system board based on the ATOM processor. Product performance and stability, short development cycle, and is widely used in areas such as telecommunications, finance, electricity, transportation, industrial and defense communications.

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